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Welcome to Attrit

 60 seconds (20153 plays)
Steal 10 cars in 60 seconds, just like the movie of the same...
 3D Worm (9367 plays)
The classic Snake game in 3D
 Superbike GP (8072 plays)
This is a 3D bike racing game
 Balloon Slinger (10452 plays)
Throw water balloon at the pedestrians from top of the mall

 Flashtrek (33829 plays)
Be the captain of the deck and explore the universe in Flash...
 Punch Sadness Out of Ha... (7578 plays)
Punch some clown face to make your day a better day
 Galactic Warrior (12569 plays)
This is a Flash version of the classci arcade game with the ...
 Racing (26244 plays)
Win races to earn money for upgrading of your car, as well a...

 Alphabet Soup (12366 plays)
Forming word quickly by clicking on the falling letters
 Bubble Pop (8451 plays)
Pop the bubble on the plastic protevtive wrapper
 Chili Time (12327 plays)
Click to eat chili. The faster you click, the faster you eat...
 Weber Dancing Machine (12030 plays)
Control the movement of Weber using keyboard or mouse

 Whipsaw Fighter (9253 plays)
Plan your attacks in this turn based fighting game
 Peg "O" Death Game (11755 plays)
Solitaire game where the objective is to remove all buy 1 pi...
 Breakdown (8395 plays)
Remove as many blocks of the same colour in single move will...
 Yellow Out (12546 plays)
This is similar to the Chinese puzzle game. In this version,...

 Spank the Monkey (10382 plays)
Blast as many monkey as you can in two minute time.
 Duck Hunt (clone) (5864 plays)
A very nice clone of the classic Duck Hunt game
 Mission R4 June (16476 plays)
A group of terrorists have invaded your street. Your mission...
 Gunfire (6326 plays)
It is AA-Gun versus the Helicopter

 Mini Golf (24645 plays)
Another Mini Golf game that can be play on your desktop
 Surf Point Blue (18901 plays)
Surf the wave but doní»t fall off
 Three-Point Shoorout (11039 plays)
Press space-bar as close to the center as possible to score
 Volleyball (14013 plays)
Spike as many balls as possible within time allocated