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Welcome to Attrit

 60 seconds (3960 plays)
Steal 10 cars in 60 seconds, just like the movie of the same...
 Balloon Slinger (3809 plays)
Throw water balloon at the pedestrians from top of the mall
 Cheese Hunt (4463 plays)
Collect cheese in this platform game
 The Fly Animation (4322 plays)
This is a funny animation

 Mission Mars (3235 plays)
Try to land your craft on a flat ground!
 Lamer Hunter (3027 plays)
No time limit. Shoot the targets as much as you wish.
 Cronch Fight for the Ge... (4395 plays)
Try to shoot your opponent. You have to win two round for vi...
 Gold Miner (6879 plays)
Use your claw to reel in as much treasure as possible. Treas...

 Buzzer (4434 plays)
Move the ring out from the wire without touching the wire! A...
 Alphabet Soup (4626 plays)
Forming word quickly by clicking on the falling letters
 Chili Time (4467 plays)
Click to eat chili. The faster you click, the faster you eat...
 Weber Dancing Machine (6459 plays)
Control the movement of Weber using keyboard or mouse

 Flash Chess (3381 plays)
2D Flash chess with great AI
 Maximum Rotation (3225 plays)
re-arrange the 4x4 grid into its original position
 Peg "O" Death Game (3290 plays)
Solitaire game where the objective is to remove all buy 1 pi...
 Tic Tac Toe (3681 plays)
Tic Tac Toe - the classic

 Fire@Will (3422 plays)
Targets practice with 3 locations to choose from. Realistic ...
 Aliens attack (3363 plays)
A simple invader clone
 Contra (3668 plays)
A popular platform shooting game created for Nintendo - it i...
 Samba De Mausland (3240 plays)
Click on as many objects as possible to get the song to play...

 Three-Point Shoorout (3518 plays)
Press space-bar as close to the center as possible to score
 Volleyball (6592 plays)
Spike as many balls as possible within time allocated
 Surf Point Blue (4140 plays)
Surf the wave but doní»t fall off
 Japenese Baseball (5629 plays)
A nice japenese baseball game with good graphic